Industrial/Warehouse Acquisition and Disposal

Case Study - Ashford Business Centre, Heathrow

Ashford Business Centre, Heathrow
Ashford Business Centre, Heathrow

Constructed by the MoD as a tank factory, and then used by a uniform manufacturer, the site has been adapted to provide 19 multi-let units totalling some 73,000 sq. ft.

Damian first became involved in 1998, when the estate had a large vacancy, and put in place a flexible letting strategy that brought in new tenants. By adopting a dedicated, hands on approach with the tenants since the beginning, Damian has ensured optimum occupancy levels and superb rental growth. Continuing this approach has enabled both the landlord and tenants to respond to market conditions, both boom and bust, responding to the occupiers needs for expansion and contraction. As well as ensuring a well performing asset, it has also enabled tenants on the estate to grow from a 400 sq. ft. unit to up to 20,000 sq. ft.

Our involvement went well beyond just letting space, but advising on works required and a constant liaison with tenants to create a beneficial landlord/tenant relationship. The skills we provided included:

  • Strategic advice and Implementing flexible lease and licence options
  • Tenant liaison with at least monthly visits to site
  • Re-gearing tenancy agreements to facilitate expansion and contraction
  • Recommending and overseeing works to the estate and units when they became vacant

Case Study - Unit 3a, Woodside Park, Dunstable

Third Floor, Melita House, Chertsey

Acting on behalf of a major and fast growing UK document management company, we acquired a new central distribution and service facility with enough offices to enable realignment of their administration function to facilitate expansion at Head Office.